About Fifsee.

What we Do.

Fifsee seamlessly connects property buyers, sellers, renters, and a variety of real estate businesses and services, eliminating the need for realtors or brokers. Experience the freedom of our quick and easy signup process, taking less than a minute.

Sellers, rejoice as Fifsee empowers you to save significantly with zero realtor commissions, putting you in control of your real estate journey.

Welcome to Fifsee - Your trusted platform, Where Real Estate Meets Effortless Connections!

Landlords 🏑 : List your property in a breeze, connect with tenants, and chat effortlessly - all in under a minute! πŸš€ Your perfect tenant is just a click away.

Tenants: Say goodbye to the rental search struggle! Find your dream home with direct chats and quick responses. Your ideal living space is within reach.

Property Buyers & Sellers 🏑 : Elevate your real estate journey! Sellers, list your property swiftly and chat with prospective buyers. Buyers, engage directly with sellers for a personalized experience. Transactions made easy, everything in less than a minute!

Calling all real estate business owners! Subscribe to Fifsee in seconds for a low fee and connect with buyers, sellers, and renters. Lenders, ESCROW agents, painters, movers, and moreβ€”all in one platform! 🏑 πŸ’Ό πŸ’¬ Boost your business effortlessly!

Fifsee is your integrated platform for swift connections and efficient transactions. Everything takes less than a minute - because your time matters. Join Fifsee now and revolutionize your real estate experience! πŸ’™

How It Works?

Our Team.

  • Sri

    (Founder & CEO)

    Sri is a strategist and a technology enthusiastic entrepreneur. He wants to create an impact in global real estate system for property buyers, sellers, renters and businesses by integrating everyone into a One-Stop Platform.

  • Harzzy

    (Chief Operating Officer)

    Harzzy comes with strong Human Resources and Marketing Management background from LIBA. She is currenly front-ending the geographical sales team set-up and working closely with Sri and Product Innovation team.