Fifsee seamlessly connects property buyers, sellers, renters, and a variety of real estate businesses and services, eliminating the need for realtors or brokers. Experience the freedom of our quick and easy signup process, taking less than a minute.

Sellers, rejoice as Fifsee empowers you to save significantly with zero realtor commissions, putting you in control of your real estate journey.

Welcome to Fifsee – Your trusted platform, Where Real Estate Meets Effortless Connections!

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Fifsee is your integrated platform for swift connections and efficient transactions. Everything takes less than a minute – because your time matters. Join Fifsee now and revolutionize your real estate experience! πŸ’™

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Development of Fifsee Platform
(Road Map)

  • Q3 - 2023

    Announcement of FIFSEE Project Launch, the Go-Live is scheduled in Nov - Dec 2023!

    Launch Phase 1 of FIFSEE Mobile App in Appstore and Google Play store Globally. We're Live!!!

  • Q4 - 2023

    Create Marketing plans.

    Realize the Phase 2 Development efforts

    Expand FIFSEE Mobile App in APAC and Latin America Regions

    Launch Phase 2 of FIFSEE Mobile App with Additional Features, more server optimization

    Listing FIFSEE (FIF) Coinmarketcap

    Secret reward to all Fifsee users.

  • Q1 - 2024

    Expand FIFSEE with added promotions

    Sales Team identification and deployment by Region

  • Q2 - 2024

    FIFSEE First Major Supply Burn.

    Expand Marketing for Global Reach

  • Q3 - 2024

    Funding Evaluations and Optimizations

    Sales Team identification / expansions

    Sales Team identification / expansions – APAC Geography

    Tech Team expansion – Server Optimization

    Q4 2024

    Continued Sales Team Recruit / Expansions




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Available Supply


Core Team


(Founder & CEO)

Sri is a strategist and a technology enthusiastic entrepreneur. He wants to create an impact in global real estate system for property buyers, sellers, renters and businesses by integrating everyone into a One-Stop Platform. Sri comes with a strong technology combined business background with great experience in customer pain point focused delivery in both B2B and B2C space. He demonstrated great experience with mobile apps market, architected several revolutionary app designs globally. The Fifsee project is Sri's idea, a global large scale footprint and he is investing a lot of his time, effort, own funds towards this project development from start and he believes Fifsee has unlimited potential globally for the real-estate customers. Sri started implementing Fifsee idea and the development from mid-2021 and is planned for initial launch in December 2023.


(Chief Operating Officer)

Harzzy comes with strong Human Resources and Marketing Management background from LIBA. She is currenly front-ending the geographical sales team set-up and working closely with Sri and Product Innovation team.